If you have happend to type best popunder networks into google then it could mean one of two things. One, you could be looking to build your traffic by using popunders to generate interest in whatever your site or business is about. Or two, you already have a very good site that is generating high volumes of traffic and you wish to monetise it further. This site is useful if you’re working with either desktop or mobile popunders, or both.


There is an element of concern when you first decide to add popunders to your site. They are not the most favoured of advertisements for your guests, the majority dislike them but are accustomed to them, in that way you can be assured they will clickly close the popunder down so they can continue to read your content. New guests to your site might not like it but you’ll only know by giving it a test and then checking your analytics to see how visitors have responded. If you see a dramatic increase in bounce rate then you will quickly realise that your readers aren’t keen on them and you should perhaps look at something else regards monetisation.

Popunders do have positives where revenue is concerned and you will find that you’ll earn higher CPM’s with popunders that you would with conventional advertising. If your site is of a certain niche and the popunder is related somewhat to that niche you could find you’ll get more visitors back to your site in the long run, even if they visit the popunder, you will know that they are keen on the niche you are writing about. Your main Geographical results can also play a part, especially if you’re offering a service in a certain country and the popunders are also related to that country, in which 99% of cases they will be if based on products.

One word of warning is that certain advertisers don’t like popunders and may ask to have their ads removed if you run them. Usually this will just be a warning but you must check with your current advertising networks whether they are okay with them. At the time of writing I believe Adsense aren’t too keen so do your checks thoroughly. It might make sense to remove some ads if the CPM’s of the popunders will beat your current deals.


If you are buying popunders to boost your traffic and hopefully sales then there are a few things to consider. You need to think about which page to popunder on the networks available. If you’re selling a product then it needs to have a good image, a good title and straight to the point as to what the product is, lots of writing or an unclear image and the popunder will be pointless, worthless, and a waste of money.

You need to also think about your budget and how much traffic you believe you will need to get a good ROI (Return On Investment). Buying 10,000 popunders may well cost just $10 but will that be enough views to have someone buy your product? Whilst on the subject of budget, some of the popunder networks mentioned here will have bidding systems in place where each popunder could cost anything from $0.001 to $0.30. The former is certainly very little but remember if bidding that amount you might not get the type of heavy numbers you are after. The latter is very high and that sort of price would be for very unique popunders on special sites with special Geo’s. Where CPM’s are concerned you’re going to be looking at anywhere between $1 – $30 per thousand pops.

Another important thing to check is making sure you manage your budget correctly and put daily limits on them. I’ve had examples where this was not done and before they knew it their credit card was maxed out in a couple of hours! Start fo slow with a few thousand per day and then increase or decrease depending on how you feel results have gone.

Also remember that each country is different. A Swedish man living in Sweden might not speak English and if he sees your popunder displaying the latest “UK Only Mobile Phone” deal, all in English, he’s not going to be interested so be sure to target your market correctly. This is obviously not always the case, a lot of countries have English as thier second language so things could look bright but please do your homework for the best results.

That’s about it for pointers at the moment. Below we’ve listed the best popunder networks that we have found to be the best both as a publisher or advertiser. We recommend any of the following but also suggest you try two or three at the same time and study your analytics to see which is performing best. We say at the same time as different weeks, different months can change things somewhat.

PopAds Review

Popads.net are very popular amongst publishers because they are not affected by users with ad blocking software, this works by providing popunders when a user clicks anywhere on the site. Whilst this may add an annoyance factor to your readers it will mean that your revenue will be better, sometimes gaining you an extra 25% on top.

Rates as always depend on numerous and many factors such as Geo and the current prices advertisers are looking to pay for each popunder but you can expect no less than $0.85cpm with a 100% fill rate. They allow you to have other popunders included alongside themselves but do stress that it will have an impact on revenue. Popads are very niche when it comes to providing ads too so if your niche is quite rare you can expect some better rates than a site that might simply just be the latest news.

They have a large host of advertisers on board featuring over 1000 ad campaigns daily so you can rest assured that if you place them live, you’ll deliver ads and get good CPM’s for your work. For the highest rates it’s best that you make sure your website is listed in the correct category, you also have an option to allow sounds and other popups to gain a higher rate of pay. Although we don’t recommend allowing more pops after a popunder it would be up to you and how much you think your users can cope with.

Popads CPM rates can be anything from $0.85cpm
Popads Minimum Deposit is $10 for Advertisers
Popads Minimum Payout is $10 for Publishers

For Advertisers, this group starts off with low cost campaigns starting at just $1 per thousand pops, that’s a lot of traffic for very little outlay. You can also choose a quality system whereby your site will only be displayed on sites with few banners for example, this will cost you most but it’s recommended if it’s quality rather than quantity that you are after.

Campaigns can take around 24 hours to get approved which isn’t ideal but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s best to get things done correctly rather than with too much haste. Advertisers can bid low and hope they get some traction but if you start a campaign and are not getting much at all then it would be an idea to increase the bid to test the water. Geo’s also play a factor so be sure to get the countries and regions right.

Refunds are available any time you wish on unused funds and payments can be made through PayPal, AlertPay and Wire Transfer, and Credit Card. A huge plus is their minimum deposit of just $5 which blows a lot of the other competitors on here out of the water!

PopMyAds Review

PopMyAds might sound like some form of cleansing cream but they are very good at running popunders for both publishers and advertisers. As a publisher you can expect a waiting time of 24 hours for your domain to be approved, once done and you’re live you can expect CPM’s above the average $1 whilst being given the opportunity to add other popundernetworks at the same time, although we, and they, don’t recommend it.

All websites are accepted including adult but they do have the obvious rules to adhere by so be sure to check their TOS’ before joining. All traffic is paid for which suggests they have close to a 100% fill rate. A huge plus is that you can withdraw any earnings above $5 so don’t worry if you start at the end of the month. You will need to request payment and they will send it to you within 10 days by Paypal or Payza. If you prefer wire transfer then you will need to get in touch with them but it’s not difficult and they’ll e-mail you back asap to get the full info from you.

PopMyAds CPM rates can be anything from $0.85cpm
PopMyAds Minimum Deposit is $25 for Advertisers
PopMyAds Minimum Payout is $5 for Publishers

For Advertisers PopMyAds are much quicker than others listed on here with just a one hour turnaround for campaigns being approved which is pretty quick considering most give an answer in 24 hours. The minimum deposit is tasty at just $25 so very little risk, even though they do offer full refunds on any funds not used within your dashboard.

Where targeting is concerned you have very much every option available at your fingertips including country, operating system, browser, source, which can be adult or mainstream, frequency cap so you can show just one per user per day or have no limit whatsoever, any ID inclusions and exlcusions are also available.

If you need traffic quickly or wish to earn quickly then PopMyAds are certainly the top choice.

PopEarn Review

PopEarn are another very popular popunder network and have been around for some time. As a publisher you can be assured of a quick approval time if your site meets their requirements, you’ll be up and running normally within 24 hours. Rates are generally anything from $0.90cpm with Worldwide traffic but they will shoot through the roof if you manage to have more UK, US and EU traffic.

For any earnings they pay out on a minimum of $10 so it’s not very hard to get to your first instalment. They do though only accept paypal at the moment and that comes with a 4% “processing fee” so make of that what you wish. They do though claim that more payment options will be made available very soon. Regardless of the fee though they do pay publishers every Monday so you won’t be waiting around for weeks on a juicy payment.

PopEarn CPM rates can be anything from $1.10cpm
PopEarn Minimum Deposit is $5 for Advertisers
PopEarn Minimum Payout is $10 for Publishers
PopEarn Accepts PAYPAL

For advertisers you can get some very low cost traffic very quickly making it a good choice for any campaign you want to hit hard. Rates start at $1.50 per thousand so by doing a little maths you can soon see how much traffic you’ll be getting to your site.

Getting an advertising campaign approved should take no more than 24 hours and their minimum deposit is only $5 but much like for publishers, you can only use paypal so keep your credit card in your pocket. Again, they are looking to add more payment methods soon.

For targeting purposes they do have less than other popunder networks and can only target country, OS and site category for the moment but that should be enough to do the job.